Five Important Factors to Consider When Selecting an IME Company

When it comes to independent medical education (IME) providers, there are a lot of options. There are currently hundreds of companies offering educational activities, with new providers emerging each year. Given the number of options, it’s difficult to know who to trust with your educational programming. Here are five factors to consider when evaluating an[…]

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Are Live Educational Meetings Dead?

In recent years, we have witnessed an evolution in how medical professionals receive their continuing education. In the past, large, centralized gatherings ruled. However, the rise of longer working hours, heavier patient loads, and tighter budgetary restrictions have limited the ability of many physicians to participate in such meetings. Indeed, in a 2016 survey of[…]

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Is Conference Coverage a Valuable Tool for Healthcare Professionals?

Major conferences and society meetings provide an annual platform for sharing the most recent, cutting edge developments in medical research. For a healthcare professional (HCP) who wishes to remain at the top of their field, attendance at medical conferences is practically a prerequisite. Unfortunately, the ability of many HCPs to attend major conferences is extremely[…]

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Top 5 Ways Healthcare Professionals Stay Up to Date

The field of medical education has changed drastically in recent years. From the advent of the internet and the development of social media platforms to the rise of decision-support tools and patient management systems, the methods healthcare professionals (HCPs) use to remain updated on recent developments has evolved substantially. As we move into the new[…]

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Educational Needs and Learning Preferences of Oncology Physicians Outside the United States

Educational Needs and Learning Preferences of Oncology Physicians Outside the United States Oncology is a fast-paced field with pharmaceutical, technical, and clinical advances that shape the educational needs and learning preferences of oncology physicians. Developers of oncology continuing medical education (CME) keep up with these changes through constant evolution of their educational content to align[…]

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Revolutionize Your Data: The ABCs of Data Visualization Concepts

Revolutionize Your Data: The ABCs of Data Visualization Concepts The modern medical practice is technology and data driven. Clinical data, research and quality improvement data, and various technological tools influence the decisions that clinicians make in their daily practice. The platform and presentation of data influence the speed at which the brain processes the information[…]

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Advanced Technology Meets Innovative IME

Advanced Technology Meets Innovative IME We live in a fast-paced, increasingly tech-driven world. Technology has taken the lead in so many industries because it makes our lives easier, renders our actions more efficient, and delivers information faster than anything we’ve ever developed before. The most powerful aspect of this tech-takeover may be, however, the way[…]

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Inclusive Independent Medical Education for the Entire Medical Team

Inclusive Independent Medical Education for the Medical Team and Stakeholders The roles, needs, and responsibilities of different members of a medical team are diverse. The types and forms of continuing medical education that suits them must, therefore, be varied as well. Where some clinicians are able to travel to attend large global conferences to network[…]

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Keeping a Current State of Mind: Independent Medical Education

Keeping a Current State of Mind: Independent Medical Education A brilliant oncologist recently explained that she physically cannot see more patients during her daily rounds and outpatient schedule. It is not feasible to maintain the caliber of quality medical care she wants to provide and also increase the quantity of patients seen during her day—something that[…]

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