3 Key Benefits of Integrating Data Visualization Into Med Ed

As medical education has evolved in recent years, the integration of new technology and new styles of presenting information has become paramount. One education method that has grown in prominence is the use of data visualization techniques to communicate and reinforce educational methods. The term “data visualization” encompasses a number of different multimedia approaches, including […]

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Mind Your P’s & Q’s and Dot Your I’s—The Value of an Editorial Staff

No matter how high the quality of an independent medical education (IME) activity—how well respected the speakers, how controversial or cutting edge the topic, how interesting the format—if the information presented is not accurate, it is not valuable. One of the most important, but often overlooked, components of a successful IME activity is the editorial […]

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Involving Learners As Teachers in Medical Education

Expert faculty are an essential part of a quality independent medical education (IME) activity, but a great deal of value can be added by including learners as teachers within an activity. Because of their different perspectives and experiences, learning physicians are able to provide insight into the challenges a less experienced physician may face. While […]

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Is Medical Education the Same for Younger Physicians and More Senior Learners?

Medical education has been continuously evolving throughout the course of history, and this trend has continued to the modern era. In recent years, lectures have increasingly been replaced with interactive discussions, clinical cases, and hands-on workshops; and live meetings have been supplemented with online activities. A major driver behind recent changes in medical education is […]

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