Using Adult Learning Principles to Match Format to Learner

In the past century, it has become apparent that adults learn in different ways from children. This was initially recognized by B. F. Skinner in 1974 and further refined by Malcolm Knowles in 1984. The importance of incorporating adult learning principles into the design of continuing medical education (CME) activities cannot be overstated. The American […]

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The Advantage of On-Staff MDs in IME

When searching for an independent medical education (IME) company to organize your educational activity, presence of on-staff medical doctors is an often overlooked, but important, factor to consider. Though quality staff at every level is a key component of any IME company, the presence of on-staff medical doctors offers several advantages. Chief among these advantages […]

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Get Better Insights Into Practice Patterns With Simulations

Simulations have emerged in recent years as a key component of medical education, providing learners with an opportunity to work through challenging scenarios before they encounter these situations in daily practice. They help physicians visualize the treatment process, see where they may be making errors, and explore alternative treatment pathways. Simulations have become a vital […]

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