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Independent Medical Education developed with unparalleled oncology and hematology expertise. Our program turns the latest science into actionable insights that improve clinical decisions and patient outcomes.

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Global Leader in Independent Medical Education

Over 10 years of dedication to advancing clinical practice in oncology and hematology with a proven impact on patient outcomes through the highest quality Independent Medical Education. We have an unparalleled global learner network, executional capabilities, and regional/national regulatory expertise. prIME Oncology actively engages with national and regional accrediting organizations as a leading provider of CME/IME. In fact, we are recognized by the ACCME with commendation for achieving elite standards in medical education.
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Patients with cancer positively impacted by prIME Oncology


Of learners found our activities relevant to their practice


Live events and online activities annually


Team members, 7 PhDs, 4 MDs, 75+ years of combined community oncology experience

prIMEs Oncology Medical Expertise

For Oncologists
by Oncologists

At prIME Oncology, we provide evidence-based Independent Medical Education activities that define today’s best practices and prepare the global community to integrate innovations into patient care. Our unparalleled and dedicated expert staff of in-house physician educators bring deep, disease-specific expertise to our program. Each live event and online activity is designed to assist healthcare professionals in remaining up to date and knowledgeable in the fast-paced field of cancer care.

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The Right Channels for Maximum Engagement

Our Independent Medical Education is designed to meet the complex needs of increasingly busy, sought-after healthcare professionals. As technology advances, so does our global commitment to engage learners with up-to-date insights, using the best possible formats, whether live events or online activities. Our right channel mix is optimized for how, when, and where healthcare professionals prefer to receive education and stay at the forefront of cancer care.

The 4 Stages of Learner Engagement

Improving Clinical Practice and Independent Medical Education

Proven Impact on Improving Patient Outcomes

Measuring The Impact of Education

When you work with prIME Oncology, you tap into a team of experts designing superior Independent Medical Education. Innovative instructional design grabs healthcare professionals’ attention in new, dynamic ways. Through balanced and unbiased activities, we effectively translate clinical insights into powerful tools, ultimately leading to advances in patient care.

Designing and developing educational activities around relevant, disease-specific topics allows clinicians to have key data and insights at their fingertips.

Quantifiable Impact on Advancing Clinical Practice

Continuing medical education is a significant investment for commercial supporters and healthcare professionals. Data and insights provided by quality IME are critical to clinical practice, but the real return on that investment is even more vital: improved patient outcomes. We thoroughly measure, analyze, and report on each educational activity in order to increase the standard of patient care and identify any knowledge gaps that will help to inform future learning opportunities. Our program has demonstrated robust change in practice behavior across a significant clinical population.


Of participants confirmed that the education we provide is directly relevant to their day-to-day clinical practice.


Of our educational events & activities achieved their intended educational objectives.

Improving Clinical Practice and Independent Medical Education


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Experience, Leadership, Passion: Meet the Team

With over 50 worldwide employees experienced in IME and oncology patient care, our team is dedicated to advancing clinical practice in oncology and hematology. Our proven impact on patient outcomes is made possible by delivering the highest quality education.

Anne Rojas

Executive Vice President

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Bojana Pajk, MD, MSc

Medical Director

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Debbie Augustus

Vice President, Educational Services

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Frank Maas

Vice President, Global Educational Services

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Janice Galleshaw, MD

Senior Medical Director

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Katie Eustace

Vice President, Global Educational Development

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Nathan Kelly, Ph.D.


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Robert Coleman, MD, FRCP

Medical Director

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