Online Activities – Data Dissemination

Online activities – data dissemination deliver new data and insights to clinicians at digital speed. These prIME Oncology activities include downloadable slides, virtual poster sessions, clinical updates, and clinical spotlights.

prIME Downloadable Slides are downloadable slides of important data releases from major medical conferences. These serve as a useful resource rather than purely educational.

Virtual Poster Sessions include downloadable slides and video presentations of thought leaders providing the exact poster/abstract presentations that they provided at major meetings.

prIME Clinical Updates are video-based discussions between several experts on a set of selected abstracts from those presented at a major congress. These updates are used to communicate data and place into context for practicing HCPs. These activities are typically 15-20 minutes in length.

Clinical Spotlights include video expert discussions, written summaries called newsflashes, along with downloadable slides containing the data covered at major congresses. These may be more focused updates including the production and launch of components typically within 72 hours of data release.