Online Activities – On Demand

Online activities – on demand provide answers to complex clinical questions and the latest clinically relevant data on your time.

Interactive Clinical Scenarios utilize multi-part clinical cases and polling to education HCPs on appropriate decision-making at each step of a patient interaction and disease progression. These cases come in the format of an interactive video.

Decision Points are generally based on clinical cases. These interactive virtual clinical scenarios incorporate text, graphic elements, video, and polling questions to highlight complex issues and difficult clinical scenarios in the therapy area. These cases include interactive polling and benchmarking of results that allows participants to compare their answers with their peers and established goals.

FAQ Video Library are short answers—video and text based—to a set of frequently asked questions in a particular disease area or niche.

Dr prIME Presents combines storyboarding, cartoon-like animation, traditional video, and text to create an informative, engaging educational experience.

Expert Review includes video and slide based expert discussions with 2-3 panelists reviewing a particular topic, disease state, or niche.

Virtual Monograph is an online, detailed written summary of a specialized subject or aspect of it, which may include figures and video inserts.

Digital Flashcards are gaming products developed from key facts related to the featured topic, where participants can select the question and check their answer before being presented with the correct answer on the flip side of the card.

Expert Perspectives include interviews with the faculty of a prIME Oncology symposium that focus on the key areas from their presentations, including insight and commentary. This consists of video, polling, and downloadable slides.

Patient Tools include add-ons to larger products that are oriented toward HCPs. These are usually short, animated videos intended for patient consumption. Healthcare providers are encouraged to distribute these tools to their patients as a resource.

Webcasts are videos and slide-based recapitulation of a presentation at a prIME Oncology live event that is archived for online and on-demand consumption.

Downloadable Slides are the slide presentation files from a prIME Oncology live event that are archived for online and on-demand consumption.