prIME Oncology Live Events

prIME Oncology live events provide a platform for educational opportunities among medical professionals that are proven to enhance clinical decision-making. At prIME Oncology live events, attendees can participate in innovative activities and peer-to-peer collaborations on a global scale.

Partner Meeting live events are meetings or conferences carried out under the flag of a partner, where prIME Oncology is responsible for providing continuing medical education (CME) and various other services that may include content development and activity logistics.

Expert Practicesm live events are proprietary EU-based meetings with approximately 100 attendees, given in a case-based interactive style with heavy faculty and healthcare provider (HCP) engagement.

Symposia live events are where prIME Oncology holds ancillary meetings at major congresses with audiences of anywhere from 100-5000 people.

Congress live events are proprietary multi-day conferences including audiences of approximately 150-1000 people.

Grand Rounds live events are meetings that are held in academic institutions or community practice settings, often times hosted by an institution, generally within the regularly scheduled institution’s grand rounds meeting series.

Masterclass live events are one-day meetings designed to address educational gaps regarding the treatment of patients with cancer. This type of meeting offers multi-modality clinical specialists who are involved in the management of cancer an opportunity to interact with leading national and international experts in their field to gain valuable insight to the most current management concepts and emerging treatment strategies. Additionally, didactic presentations are given during these events that increase participant interactivity through breakout discussions and small group sessions.

Meeting Series live events include:

  • Dinner Meetings that take place in restaurants at various locations across the US, where 8-20 HCPs are engaged in interactive polling and presentations.
  • Highlights Meetings that are a series of one-day meetings with approximately 75-200 attendees, where recently released data from major conferences are reviewed through live presentations.

Webinar live events include:

  • prIME News: Live broadcasts that include interactive polling, Q&A, and lectures.
  • prIME Rounds: Multiple speakers come together from various sites to engage in live broadcasts with interactive polling, Q&A, and lectures.