Are Satellite Symposia Still Relevant?

In recent years, much attention in medical education has shifted from large, central meetings to smaller, regional series and online learning. These forms of learning are more convenient and easier to access, allowing healthcare professionals (HCPs) to receive their medical education without traveling out of their region. Given this shift in learning, many in the […]

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Improving Care for Veterans: The Impact of VHA-Targeted CME

Veterans being treated in Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities represent a special patient population associated with a number of challenges. These patients have a higher rate of lung cancer due to increased smoking and exposure to carcinogens such as Agent Orange, and they also experience a higher rate of comorbidities and lower quality of life. […]

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Assessing the Impact of Satellite Symposia on Community Oncologists

The importance of satellite symposia as a venue for the presentation of new data and dissemination of new standards for patient care cannot be overstated. However, while it is clear that satellite symposia offer great benefit to the physicians who attend these meetings, the benefit for those who are unable to attend is unclear. Unfortunately, […]

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Benefits of Conference Coverage for Healthcare Professionals

Every year, oncologists and other healthcare providers (HCPs) gather at major conferences and society meetings to hear updates on key, potentially practice-changing clinical trials. These meetings provide an opportunity to review the latest updates in current treatment and interact with peers and opinion leaders. Because of this, attendance at major society meetings can be an […]

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Educational Needs for NSCLC Mutation Testing and Treatment

Continuing medical education (CME) is one of the most important tools in a community oncologist’s arsenal for staying updated on the most recent medical developments. However, for CME to be effective, it must target the physician’s educational needs, which often can be difficult to identify and anticipate. Recently, prIME Oncology completed a series of 50 […]

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The Challenge of Cognitive Overload Among Today’s Healthcare Practitioners

There has likely never been a more exciting time to be a healthcare practitioner (HCP), particularly in the fields of oncology and hematology. Technology is evolving at a previously unheard-of pace, allowing constant discovery of new treatments, improved understanding of disease mechanisms, and breakthroughs in patient care. While these developments ultimately help HCPs take better […]

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Conference Coverage: A Key Factor in Keeping Oncologists Up to Date

While medical conferences represent the foremost platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge data and presentation of practice-changing results, the majority of oncologists are not able to attend these meetings. Schedule constraints, lack of funding, need for family time, and other commitments keep physicians from attending these highly important meetings. According to a recent survey, as […]

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