The Advantage of On-Staff MDs in IME

When searching for an independent medical education (IME) company to organize your educational activity, presence of on-staff medical doctors is an often overlooked, but important, factor to consider. Though quality staff at every level is a key component of any IME company, the presence of on-staff medical doctors offers several advantages.

Chief among these advantages is that doctors have a thorough understanding of clinical issues due to their experience in practice. This allows them to evaluate each activity for both accuracy and relevance on a deeper level than staff members without such experience. Although on-staff medical doctors have sometimes left clinical practice behind, their previous time in practice can be deeply informative. These staff members have likely been the learners at previous IME events, and thus can bring different viewpoints to the design of activities and the content covered, ensuring activities that are of most relevance to the target audience.

While most IME activities are organized in cooperation with major thought leaders, an advantage of on-staff medical doctors is that they are more likely to be deeply invested in the educational activity. Because they are staff members in the IME company, the quality and accuracy of the final product is a direct reflection of their work. Furthermore, because they are familiar with the company mission and have worked on previous activities, on-staff medical doctors can ensure that each activity provides complementary information and builds on previous education, creating a sense of continuity between activities.

There are several factors that differentiate between standard IME activities and those that are considered exceptional. Presence of on-staff medical doctors who are fully invested in an activity can be the final factor that ensures your activity is outstanding.